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Do and Don't awareness session

Do and Don't awareness session


1) Do not run in panic

2) Do not take undue risk

3) Do not tamper with any machinery during fire fighting leave them for authorized handling

4) Do not argue or discuss on scene of fire.

5) Do not linger with the equipment . If you do not know its operation, keep away or ask some one near by.

6)  Do not throw sand on machinery parts. Use CO2 or Dry powder instead.

7) Do not flood the affected area with water unless required.

8) Do not crowd the scene of fire.

9) Do not closed the valve of a flammable gas cylinder on fire.

10) Do not resort to breaking cutting, unless 

11) Do not use all types of extinguishers on the fire.

12) Do not use water on oil, electrical & metal fires.


1) Raise alarm or shout 'FIRE' at the peak of your tone, if you notice a fire with in your vicinity.

2) Approach the scheme with in the quickest possible time.

3) Try to attract others ' attention as far as possible on your way the schene of fire

4) If you are the first to reach , make sure that no life is trapped.

5) Try to put off the fire with the nearest appropriate type of extinguisher.

6) As others rush to the schene , tell theme what is the type of fire which extinguisher is to be used.

7) Do arrange to put off the supply of electricity in case of electrical fires.

8) Do not take any chance. Dial the fire service and give exact location.

9) Open all doors / windows after fire is completely  extinguished to avoid inhalation of any fumes.

10) Keep yourself posted with information time to time.

Prevention is better than cure

The following measures are suggested for prevention of fire.

1) know the place of work, the fire hazards present and the location of the fire fighting equipment.

2) Keep all the fire fighting appliances clear of abstractions.

3) oil soaked cotton rags are to be kept in a container with lid to avoid spontaneous combustion and should be disposed off periodically.

4) Keep your place of work always clean and tidy. Good housekeeping is an important factor in preventing fires. Periodical cleaning of surrounding / trenches, preventive maintenance of electrical distribution points, earthing / bonding of all equipment , removing loose and work out flexible electrical wiring etc..will reduce the fire hazards.

5) Do not smoke in - smoking areas. Do not carry lighted cigarette, hot substance or any source of ignition where flammable material is used or stored.

6) Avoid contact of oils, grease or points or points with oxygen cylinders and its fitting. There may be an explosion due to oxidation.

7) Compressed gas cylinders must be stored in suitable separate shed having protection from that. Full cylinders and empty cylinders must be stored separately.

8) Leakage / spillage of flammable materials must be promptly dealt with and such items be stored and handled in proper container with lid.

9) Put out lighted bidi / cigarette or any smouldering fire before leaving work place.

10) Never check LPG / Acetyle / gas leakage with lightened match or other flame.

11) use only non - ferrous tools while opening the cans / drums containing highly flammable liquid or others explosives substance.

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