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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety 

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety:

* All electric parts should confirm to IS Specifications.

* Installation of Earth trip device at main distribution board.

* Earth all power equipment

* Ensure two independent earthing connection to all electrical construction equipment

* Ensure that all extension boards have proper earthing connection of suitable rating and only three pin metal clad industrial type sockets are mounted on the board.

* Do not draw power by insertion of wires in the socket

* For electric hand tools metal clad three pin plus tops are used.

* Never use earth as neutral 

* Use of only three core flexible wire of proper rating for electrical hand tools.

* All cable terminations are properly tightened.

* Junction box or plug and socket couplings only are used for joining cables.

* Ensure installation of distribution boards in a covered place to avoid dust and rain water entry. Always put warning signs at the location.

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