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Fire Protection (Do's)

Fire Protection (Do's)

Fire Protection :


* Inspect the work place thoroughly where welding and gas cutting operations are to be carried out and remove any inflammable material around before starting work.

* Ensure that welding and gas cutting sparks do not fall on combustible materials. In case it cannot be avoided cover the material with metal sheet.

* In case , welding and gas cutting has to be done on a vessel, pipe or container which contains or earlier contained flammable liquids. Ensure purging / inserting and issue work permit before starting work.

* Ensure that there is no leakage of gases from loose connection fitted with the gas cylinders before starting gas cutting.

* In case of electrical welding, check that there are no loose connections in welding cables and earth connection.

* Inspect the area for smoldering material after gas cutting / welding if found extinguished them.

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