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Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos and Don'ts)

Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos and Don'ts)

Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos and Don'ts)

Gas cylinder safety

Gas cylinder safety Do's

* If a cylinder containing flammable gas is leaking isolate the cylinder and switch off all the source of ignition nearby only if they are easily accessible otherwise leave the area immediately. Mark the area by warning signs.

* Use trolley and cradles for transportation of cylinders

* Secure the protective valve caps when the cylinder is to be transported.

* Caps used for valve protection must not be removed except when the cylinder is in use. A cylinders cap should be screwed all the way down on the cylinder neck and should fit securely.

Gas cylinder safety Don'ts

* Do not slide or drop the cylinders

* Do not store the cylinders in direct sunlight

* Do not i any condition, repair the cylinder yourself.

* Do not lift the cylinder by its cap.

* Do not use a lifting magnet for loading or unloading any cylinder

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