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Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos)

Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos)

Gas Cylinder Safety (Dos)

Gas cylinder safety

Gas cylinder safety Dos

* Look for next date of test which is marked on a metal ring inserted between the valve and the neck of the cylinder, and id the date is over, do not accept the cylinder.

* Always keep the LPG and other liquefied gas cylinder in an upright position and see that they cannot be knocked over.

* Secure the cylinders used in horizontal position so that they cannot roll.

* Stored the cylinders in cool, dry and well ventilated place under cover and away from open flames or any other potential source of heat.

* Storage area for gas cylinders should be easily accessible.

* Keep the cylinders containing flammable gases separated from other gases separated from other gas cylinders by an adequate distance.

* Keep the empty cylinders segregated from the filled cylinders.

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