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ladder safety tips

Ladder safety Tips

Ladder safety Tips

Ladder safety

Ladder safety Do's 

* Use portable ladders for fights upto 4 m only.

* Provide fixed ladders for fights above 4 m.

* Place the ladder at an angle of 75 degree from the horizontal.

* Extend ladder at least 1 m above the top landing.

* Secure top and bottom of the ladder firmly to prevent displacement.

* Ensure that the width of the ladder is not less than 300 mm and distance between the rungs is not more than 300mm

* Provide landing of minimum size 600 * 600 mm at intervals not more than 6 m for fixed ladders.

* Check the ladders daily for any defects.

* Ensure that the areas around base and top of the ladder is more hazardous than using it. Use a mud sill if the ladder is to rest on soft, loose or rough soil.

* Always face the ladder while climbing up to down

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