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Ropes and Chains (Don'ts and Do's)

Ropes and Chains (Don'ts and Do's)

Material Handling by using cranes, Lifting Tackles and chain pulley blocks

Rope and Chains


* Regularly examine the fastening of the wire rope.

* Apply fresh lubricant to the chain as and when required.

* Store them away from corrosive atmosphere and moisture

* When using fiber ropes prefer the use of manila ropes

* For permanent rope connection employ splices and not knots.

* When cutting a manila rope sizing the yard should be applied on the side of intended cut.

* Inspect the ropes before and after use.


* Do not drag manila or fiber ropes on ground or any rough surface. Employ a trolley or coil and lift by two persons.

*  Do not expose the fiber or manila ropes to corrosive atmosphere.

* Do not use wet manila ropes. First dry them.

* Never leave the ropes outdoors.

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