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Scaffolding Safety (Do's)

Scaffolding Safety  (Do's)

Scaffolding Safety  (Do's)



* Scaffold should be provided for all work that cannot be safely performed from floor level.

* Ensure that the scaffold material is of adequate strength.

* Check scaffold components for damage and defects before use.

* Avoid using combustible materials for scaffold.

* For platforms , use planks of grade I quality at least 2'' thick and 10'' wide. Free from all defects such as loose knots and splits.

* Erect scaffold level and plumb.

* Use diagonal braces for stability of scaffolds.

* Planks used for platforms should overlong the supports by 150-300 mm

* Hold the planks together by splicing at the bottom.

* Secure the platform firmly with the scaffold.

* Minimum width of platforms 2 m  above floor level should be 900 mm.

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