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Welding and Gas Cutting (Dos)

Welding and Gas Cutting (Dos)

Welding and Gas cutting


* To move the cylinders use trolleys of cradles

* Keep the LPG and other liquifiable gas cylinders in upright position, ensure that they are not knocked over.

* Keep the valves tightly shut when the cylinders are not in use.

* Use gas hoses with standard color code.

* Use clamps for hose connections, check leakage from hose connection before starting work.

* Ensure that hey are no kinks in the hoses and the hoses are lad out in a manner that nobody steps on the hoses.

* Use flame arrestor to avoid back firing.

* First open the oxygen gas and then the flammable gas.

* Use only friction gas lighters for lighting the torch

* Protect the gas cylinders and hoses from welding sparks or gas cutting sparks or gas cutting sparks falling on them. 

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