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What is Fire?

What is Fire?

What is Fire?

Chain reaction of FUEL, HEAT, OXYGEN.
A)    Fuel any material which can burn like Paper, Rubber, Wood, Oil, Lubricants, Gases, Metals like Phosphorous, Magnesium.
B)    Heat or temperature at which the any fuel can ignite this depends on its flash point.
C)    Oxygen which is helping in combustion and is present in the air.

How Fire can be extinguished?

Remove anyone of the above three elements of Fire. Fire will extinguished,

A)    Remove the burning material, the remaining materials will be safe.

B)    Cut off the Oxygen by blanketing with foam or Fire blanket or any other materials which     

            can not burn the oxygen will be cut off and fire extinguished.

C)    Remove or lessen the heat with water or use Carbon Dioxide fire cylinder. Never use Water for Electric Fire as water is good conductor of electricity and you will get electric shock if water is used for electric fire.

What common type of the fire extinguisher is used for fire?

ABC or Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher used for Solid, Liquid Gases and Electric Fire.

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