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What safety measure are required for SAFE CRANE OPERATION

What safety measure are required for SAFE CRANE OPERATION?

1)      Crane is to be positioned on level ground

2)      Outriggers fully extended

3)      Mats to be used for stability

4)      Crane radius of swing should be barricaded and no one to cross under the suspended load

5)      Ensure clear of obstructions

6)      Load chart available in the cabin

7)      Qualified Operator and rigger to rig the loads

8)      Only one rigger is authorized to signal the operator

9)      Do not lift the load beyond the rated capacity of the crane

10)  Wind speed not more than 20miles/hr or 32km/hr

11)  Anti two block system working

12)  Load monitoring indicator operational

13)  Telescopic boom free moment

14)  Operators cabin have clear view and not obstructed 

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