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All Traffic signs and Meanings

All Traffic signs and meanings

Road signs or Traffic signs are the signs erected over on the roads to give instructions or provide information to road users.

All Traffic signs and meanings

Purpose of Road Signs:

The purpose of Road Signs is to promote road safety and efficiency by providing for the orderly movement of all road users on all roads in both urban and non-urban areas. Road Signs notify road users of regulations and provide warning and guidance needed for reasonably safe, uniform and efficient operation.

Placement of Road Signs:

Placement of road signs should be within the road user’s view so that adequate visibility is provided. To aid in conveying the proper meaning, the road sign should be appropriately positioned with respect to the location, object, or situation to which it applies. The location and legibility of the road sign should be such as to provide adequate response time to road users.

Classification of Road Sign:

Road Signs are classified under the following three heads:

i.   Mandatory / Regulatory Signs

ii.   Cautionary / Warning Signs

iii.    Informatory / Guide Signs

Mandatory / Regulatory Signs:

Regulatory signs indicate requirements, restrictions and prohibitions. These include signs, such as, STOP, GIVE WAY, Speed Limits, No Entry, etc. which give notice of right of way, special obligations, prohibitions or restrictions with which the road users must comply. Regulatory signs either give positive instructions or indicate a prohibition. Generally these sign boards are in circular with a white border and symbol on a blue background. The exceptions in shape are the octagonal red STOP sign and the triangular GIVE WAY sign. They usually indicate something all drivers must do (e.g. keep left). The red ring indicates the prohibition; diagonal bars are used only on signs which prohibit a specific manoeuvre, i.e. banned left or right turns or U-turns. These signs need to be complied with and any violation of the rules and regulations conveyed by these signs is a legal offence.

Cautionary / Warning Signs:

Warning signs are used to caution and alert the road users to potential danger or existence of certain hazardous conditions either on or adjacent to the roadway so that they take the desired action. These signs indicate a need for special caution by road users and may require a reduction in speed or some other manoeuvre. Some examples of these signs are Hairpin Bend, Narrow Bridge, Gap in Median, School Ahead etc.

Informatory/Guide Signs:

These signs are used to provide information and to guide road users along routes. The information could include names of places (recreational, tourist, cultural interest area signs and emergency management signs), sites, direction to the destinations, and distance to places, to make the travelling

/driving easier, safer and pleasant. Guide signs are essential to direct road users to inform them of intersecting routes, to direct them to cities, towns, villages, or other important destinations, to forests, and historical sites, and generally to give such information as will help them along their way in the most simple and direct manner possible.


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