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Driving in adverse weather condition

Driving in Adverse Weather condition

Adverse Weather has a potential to increase the likelihood of hazard which can cause life threat to human being. Each type of adverse weather condition is associated with unique hazards. The extent and severity of adverse weather is unknown, the probability of incident increases and consequences are very severe.

Driving in Adverse Weather condition

Adverse weather is a factor that is know to have negative impact on project performance.

Adverse Weather can take many forms:

Ø  High temperature condition

Ø  Lower temperature condition

Ø  Precipitation in the form of rain, snow

Ø  High wind conditions
Ø  High or low humidity conditions / fog

Secondary effects from adverse weather:

Ø  Mud conditions causing lack of accessibility or inability to purse earth work operation

Ø  Moisture conditions resulting in mould or mild dew abatement needs
           Snow and ice removal needs

Safety precautions to be taken in adverse condition:

Ø  Maintain liaison with weather department

Ø  Pre job planning & job prioritization shall be done

Ø  Stop construction activity in adverse weather condition and shift the personnel to a safer location.

Ø  Critical activity like as crane operations / rigging shall be stopped due to adverse weather conditions,

such as :
ü  Excessive wind velocity or gusting
ü  Fog and poor visibility
ü  Lighting and storms
ü  Changing soil conditions and avalanche:
·         Heavy rains
·         Heavy snows

Ø Avoid driving in adverse weather conditions. If not possible do the following:

ü  Reduce speed
ü  Increase the following distance
ü  Turning and breaking carefully
ü  Use parking lights
ü  Park in safe location until conditions improve

Ø No charging and blasting activity shall be done during storm and lightning.

Ø Handling of explosives shall be avoided during thunderstorm or when thunderstorm is expected. All people shall retire from the place safely.

Ø Before starting work all the loose rocks at height and soil cuts to be checked at excavated areas.

Ø Prior to resume work the structure stability must be ensured to start any activity.

Ø Good hygienic condition shall be maintained to prevent an outbreak of any diseases.

Ø Watch for water pooling.

Ø In extreme hot climate take adequate precautions to avoid heat stroke.

Ø In extreme cold climate take adequate precautions to avoid frost bite.

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