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Air compressor

Air compressor

A compressor is a machine that compresses air from an initial intake pressure to a higher exhaust pressure through a reduction in volume. A compressor consists of a power source, a compressor unit, and accessory equipment. A gasoline or diesel engine provides power to operate the compressor.

Precaution Prior to Use :-      
Compressor safety :-
v  Read the operator manual and be sure you understand it before using the compressor.

v  Ensure that shutdown devices and pressure and temperature gauges are working.

v  Make sure all gaurds and shields are in place and in good working order.

v  Wear close-fitting clothing. Dont keep long hairs.

v  Keep other people clear of the compressor before starting it and during operation.

v  Inspect hoses regularly and never use a damaged or defective hose.

v  Never use compressed air to clean yourself and others.

v  Air at high pressure can break an ear drum, blow out an eye ball or penetrate the skin, injecting air into your blood which can cause death.

v  Never point or direct an air tool at another person. Horse play with air hose can be fatal.

v  Make adjustments only when the engine is off and the air pressure has been safely and properly released.

v  Be sure all connections and couplings are completely interlocked and pinned.

v  Never leave a running machine unattended. Turn the engine off and remove the key to prevent unauthorized use.

v  Set up the compressor as level as possible and block the wheels.

v  Make sure all warning and safety devices are working properly.

v  Do not exceed recommended maximum air pressure.

Air Hose :-

* Be sure that all pressure has been released before disconnecting hoses.

* Use hose rated for the maximum compressure pressure flow.

* Make sure the hose and compressor discharge fitting match. Always use the safety pin to prevent. 

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