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Bar Bending Machine

EHS Alert - Bar Bending Machine

Bar bending machine is used for bending the bars in different shapes and sizes. It has been observed that there are many accidents occurring (especially hand injuries) due to unsafe operations and not following the safe operating procedures.


v Remove all the foreign materials such as hammers, measuring tapes, levers and other similar construction tools from the machine.

v In multiple bending, put the construction material in number specified, support and fix them against the retainer or bending sleeves, and then bend them.

v Fix the material onto the machine properly. Observe the fixing norms as per operating manual by using the retainer or bending sleeves, and pins.

v Use only genuine spare parts and apparatus manufacture by the same company.

v Only trained and experienced person shall allow operating the machine.

v Disconnect the power prior to make checks, maintenance, lubrication and adjustments.

v Machine shall be covered with proper sheds.

v Work benches shall be provided on both sides of the machine for safe and smooth working.

v Maintenance of the machine shall be done as per the preventive maintenance schedule.

v Ensure the use of PPEs such as hand gloves safety shoes and safety helmet and goggles.


v Do not allow the people to stand in front of the machine during bending process

v Do not operate the machine when it is wet.

v Do not try to make bending by using bent, distorted and cracked apparatus and the sleeves having the inner diameter enlarged.

v Do not try to bend a bar of higher diameter than the specified.

v Do not operate the machine when the cover of electric panel is opened.
Do not use compressed air to clean the machine.

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