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Batching plant


A plant containing the equipment to measure, by weight or volume, the quantities of different materials required to make a correct mix of concrete is termed as batching plant. This EHS alert gives the general safety measures to be taken during transportation, erection, operation & maintenance, whenever possible.

Transporting and erection of the plant:   

  It shall be ensured that the cranes and loading equipment have sufficient carrying capacity.

 Loading, unloading and erection of the plant parts shall be done by experienced riggers under the direct supervision of a competent person.

 Lifting and erection sequence shall be done as mentioned in the operation and instruction manual of the plant.

 Slinging points for lifting the plant parts shall be selected as mentioned in the operation and instruction manual of the manufacturer.

 Suitable vehicle having sufficient loading capacity shall be used for transporting the plant parts.

  Equipment transported on vehicle shall be secured so that they do not fall down.

Plant operation:

 The plant shall be operated, only if all safety devices (interlocks, guards, emergency stop) are in place and operational.

 All personnel working in the plant area should wear PPE’s.

 While loading of hoppers, personnel should stay away from the loading area.

  No one should operate the plants except the authorized plant operator.

  Plant operator shall check the plant at least once a day for external damage and defects. If any deviations found, necessary rectifications shall be carried out immediately before starting the plant.
  Plants should be inspected by a competent person at periodical intervals.

   All rotating parts should be properly guarded.

   Before starting of plants, a siren should be given to alarm persons to keep clear off the plant area.

Maintenance of plant:  
  Only authorized personnel shall be allowed to carry out any repair and maintenance work.

 Work permit system shall be implemented for repair and maintenance work (drum cleaning, works on skip buckets etc.) carried out on the batching plant.

  All handles, steps guard rails, platforms, ladders etc. shall be free from dirt, oil and any other slippery material.
  All wire ropes shall be inspected and it replace if required

 Double lanyard safety harness and other suitable protection system shall be used against persons falling down while carrying out maintenance work above 2m height.
  Lock out / tag out system must be ensured while maintenance of plants.

 Caution / danger board should be displayed on EB switch box and operating panel box before doing maintenance work.

  Operator cabin should be locked and the key should be with the authorized person who is going for carry maintenance work in mixer drum.
  Barricading should done beneath while chipping at discharge tube of mixer drum.

  After completion of the maintenance work it shall be ensured that the following points are satisfied:

1.  Plant is clear of all the men doing the job.

2.  All tools and tackles are removed.

3.  Whole of the area is cleared and equipment is fit for operation.

  If all the above points are checked and found satisfactory, the equipment shall be energized and normal operation shall be started.

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