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Monsoon has a potential to increase the likelihood of hazard which can cause life threat to human being. The extent and severity of monsoon is unknown, the probability of incident increases and consequences are very severe.

Site Preparation:

Ø  Identify low lying and water logged areas and provide suitable storm water drains to keep the site free from water stagnation.

Ø  All existing drainage should be cleaned on regular basis.

Ø  Make approach roads compact. Providing of edge markers to be ensured and should be visible during the night time.

Ø  Provision of parking the vehicles and earth moving equipment’s to be made.

Temporary Structure:

Ø  All temporary structures (like project office, workmen colony, stores, go-downs, car shed, canteen, rest sheds) must be inspected for its stability part and must be strengthened suitably.

Ø  No one should use the scaffold immediately after rain storms and high winds before inspection by the competent person.

Ø  Additional anchorage should be provided to protect the roof.

Ø  Do not keep any loose materials like GI sheet, wooden planks etc. on the top of the structure, shed or roof to avoid its falling during sudden wind storm.

Ø  Provide Wind ties to prevent roofs from flying off.

Ø  Keep ready some battery-operated emergency light or torch light at site.

Ø  Cover the drinking water tank in such a manner that the drinking water should not get contaminated by any other source of water.

Excavation Pits:

Ø  All excavation exceeding 1.2m in depth are appropriately supported by shoring to prevent collapse or proper angle of repose is maintained.

Ø  All the excavation areas must be checked daily.

Ø  Back fill all minor or major excavated pits which are not required for site execution.
Ø  Install firm barrication surround the excavated pit.

Ø  Display warning board, tape, red light and area light in all excavated pits.
Ensure sufficient area light.

Snake Bit:

Ø  At night all personnel should move in pairs so that help can be provided in case of snake bite.

Ø  Compulsory use of boots by everyone.

Ø  Provide adequate illumination so that snakes can be easily noticed.

Ø  Good housekeeping to be maintained.

Precaution During Heavy rain & Storm:

Ø  Lower the booms of the Mobile cranes and anchor it.

Ø  Wind screen / Glasses of crane /vehicles / equipment’s should be intact to prevent water entering the cabin.

Ø  Personnel (Emergency Response Team) should be identified on 24 x 7, phone no’s must be displayed on distinct locations.

Ø  Avoid working at height, below the open sky during rain or slight drizzling.

Ø  While working at heights, in case of sudden rain don’t try to get down or go to a shelter in hurry.

Ø  Avoid marching of Cranes, placing of vehicles, transit mixer very close to any excavated pit to avoid its toppling.

Ø  Speed limit to be fixed for vehicles and it must be maintained scrupulously.

Ø  Drivers training should be carried out on regular basis.

Ø  Personnel shall be asked during monsoon TBT to wipe away the mud stuck to the shoes before climbing a ladder / platform at height.

Driving Tips:

Ø  Make sure that your wipers, condition of tyres its air pressure, breaks and headlights are in good condition and functioning properly.

Ø  Drive carefully! Pay attention to your speed.

Ø  Keep the headlights and indicators on.

Ø  Avoid excessive use of brakes. Brake smoothly.

Ø  Drive cautiously and maintain safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

Ø  Avoid overtaking and strictly follow the traffic rules.

Precaution after the rain & storm:

Ø  Do not rush / hurry to resume work immediately after rain.

Ø  In case any work at height or work on scaffolding, it must be ensured that the work area is safe to move and free from any slip & fall hazard.

Ø  Scaffolding stability has to be ensured prior to allow any worker to go to the top.

Ø  Prior to resume any work inside the excavated pit, it must be ensured that the area is free from any soil collapse.

Ø  Ground shall be inspected prior to bring / operate the crane for its stability.

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