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Awareness - Electricity

Awareness - Electricity

Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons). It is a form of energy which we use to power machines, electrical & electronic devices. When the charges are not moving, electricity is called static electricity. When the charges are moving they are an electric current, sometimes called dynamic electricity.

Electrical Hazard:

A dangerous condition where a worker could make electrical contact with energized equipment or a conductor, and from which the person may sustain an injury from shock.

Common Causes for electrical hazards:

·         Making contact with overhead wires
·         Undertaking maintenance on live equipment
·         Working with damaged electrical equipment, such as extension leads, plugs and sockets
·         Using equipment affected by rain or water ingress

Electrical Injuries:

There are basically two ways to be injured by electricity. One is by electric shock and the other is by arc flash.
Electric shock is the passing of electric current through the body. Electrical contact can cause involuntary physical movements. The electrical current may
·         Throw you into contact with a higher voltage conductor
·         Cause you to lose your balance and fall
·         Cause severe internal and external burns

Effects of Electric Shock on Human Body:






·         The longer the exposure, the increased danger of shock to the victim
·         Low voltage can be extremely dangerous because the degree of injury depends not only on the current, but on the length of time in contact with the circuit.

·         Low voltage does not mean low hazard.


Arc flash is a release of energy caused by an electric arc. The flash causes an explosive expansion of air and metal.


The blast produces:

·         A dangerous pressure wave
·         A dangerous sound wave
·         Extreme heat
·         Extreme light

These dangers can result in blast injuries, lung injuries, ruptured eardrums, shrapnel wounds, severe burns, and blindness. Arc flash injuries can also result in death.

High voltages lead to additional injuries such as:

·         Violent muscular contractions Muscle contractions may cause bone fracture from either contractions themselves or from falls.
·         Internal bleeding, destruction of tissues, nerves and muscles

Precautions for Electrical Installations:

Ø  Only persons having valid wireman's license/competency certificate shall be allowed for carrying out electrical work and repair of electrical equipment & installation at site.

Ø  Electrical equipment and installations shall be installed and maintained as to prevent danger from contact with live conductors and to prevent

fires originating from electrical causes like short circuits, overheating, etc. Installation shall not cause any hindrance to movement of men and materials.

Ø  Grounding conductor of wiring system shall be of copper or other corrosion resistant material. An extra grounding connection shall be made in appliances/equipment where chance of electric shock is high.

Ø  Electric fuses and/or circuit breakers installed in equipment circuits for short circuit protection shall be of proper rating.

Ø  Visually inspect all electrical equipment before use. Remove from service any equipment with frayed cords, missing ground prongs, etc.

Protective tools and equipment

Workers exposed to an electrical hazard must use rubber mats, rubber hand gloves, flame resistant clothing   and any other protective  equipment required to protect  themselves from electric shock  and burn. As part of everyday  work, electrical workers should  always
·         Wear electric-shock-resistant footwear
·         Remove watches, rings, neck chains, or other current-conducting apparel


“Don’t be a stranger to electrical danger”


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