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Electrical and Lighting safety

Electrical and lighting security

Monsoon has the potential to increase the likelihood of danger that a threat to human life can cause. The extent and severity of the monsoon is unknown, the likelihood of incidents increases and the consequences are very serious.

Electrical and lighting security


* Grinding, drilling and welding should not be done in wet conditions to avoid any electrocution.

* All electrical panels and distribution boards must be under the appropriate cabinet / shed.

* No electrical cable should be laid on the ground. The cables must be properly underground or above.

* All cable connections must be adequately insulated. Provide standard cable unions using a standard joint kit depending on the cable classification.

* Make sure that the wiring conditions in the electrical change in the room are in good condition and that a certified electrician tests it periodically

* If there is any water log, make sure that electrical appliances or appliances are turned off and that those that are portable are immediately removed by the authorized electrician.

* Secure the appropriate protective equipment for personnel, such as safety shoes, rubber gloves, etc., with the handling of the electrical installation.

* Do not touch any installation in or near your electrical rooms if the wall is wet.

* Strictly ensure that water does not invade electrical rooms.

* All electrical equipment must be routed through RCCB at 30 mA or less using an ELCB test kit.

* Keep all panels, distribution panels and facilities comparatively at a higher elevation.

* If the power line and the poles fall on site, always treat as if they were energetic and dangerous. Never touch them and stay away. Call the qualified electrician to rectify the conditions.

* Consider damaged plugs and cables in appliances and accessories. If found, inform the authorized electrician to rectify them immediately.

* Never try to help someone caught by a power line, unless you are taking all necessary precautions for your own safety.

* In case of electric shock, isolate the person and check their respiratory awareness and heartbeat. If artificial respiration is required, it must be administered by trained first aid personnel before receiving medical help.

Lightning Safety:

* No place outside is safe from lightning during a thunderstorm.

* Ensure observer condition and ground bar connectivity in the lightning rod.
* Move inside a strong building or a closed rigid roof vehicle.

* Avoid working or touching metallic objects to protect yourself from static electricity.

* Avoid using electrical devices such as polishing machines, drilling, welding, etc. and electronic devices such as telephones (except in cases of emergency) and computers, etc. Disconnect all sensitive equipment.

* When the lighting is in the immediate area, crouch with your feet close together and head down to present the least possible attraction to blows. Do not lie down, as this will increase the area for lighting to arrive.

* Avoid small shelters and pavilions in open areas that can attract light rays.

* Do not stand under a natural lighting bar, such as signal towers / cells, electrical poles, electrical transformers, tall trees, etc.

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