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Environment - Air pollution

Environment - Air pollution

Environment includes water, air, land, living organisms and their inter relationship between them.

Environment can be divided in to two components:
1.     Abiotic
2.     Biotic
Environmental impacts due to the construction and related activities

v  Air pollution

v  Water pollution

v  Noise pollution

v  Impact due to the solid disposal

Air pollution:

The main sources of air pollution and dust generation is due to the following factors

* Vehicular movement

* Operation of the stone crushers.

* Loading and unloading activities at the material storage area.

* Drilling and blasting operation a part from the above, source of air pollution includes gaseous emission generated from

* vehicle plant and machineries operation.

* Bitumen / asphalt operations

* Fuel wood burning for cooking at the labour camps and other applications

* Paint application, fuel storage areas as volatile compounds.

Control Measures : 

Dust control Measures :

* Periodic sprinkling of water

* Vegetative cover

* Wind breaks barrier

* Much / hydro seeding

Administration control measures :

* Speed limit for all project vehicle in construction site shall be 20 km/hr 

* Enclosed conveyor belts

* Plantation of dust screening vegetation around polluting units.

* Conduct ''AIR MONITORING'' at least once in every six months and compare the results with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)

Engineering control measures:

* Bag filters / cyclone and other Air pollution control screens to entrap suspend particular matter.

* Periodic cleaning of the dust filtering equipment's

* Low sulpher content diesel shall be used, if available in the local market.

* Low emission explosives

H = h + 0.2 Square root of KVA
Adequate stack height of DG set shall be maintained The minimum height of stack for DG shall be;
H = Total height of stack in meter
h = Height of the building in meter where the generator set is installed KVA = Total generator capacity
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and make the earth a better place to live in

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