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Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics, Is the study of Designing jobs, equipment, and work tasks to fit human physical characteristics and energy limitations. It considers body dimensions, mobility, and the body’s stress behaviour.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics Hazards:

Ergonomic hazards leads to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs), which are occupational disorders that involve soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, blood vessels and nerves.

Set up an ergonomic workplace while working with computer in 5steps:

1.) Maintain good posture:

Keep your back straight remember, no slouching! With your head balanced above your neck,

and arms resting at your sides comfortably.

2.) Adjust Seat:
Position your hips at bit higher than your knees, with your feet on the floor / foot rest and your lower back supported.
3.) Position monitor:
Raise or lower it so you can clearly see the whole screen without tilting your neck up or down.
4.) Place keyboard and mouse:
Keep them close to each other on the same level, So that it is to reach with your elbows positioned at 90 degrees. As you type your wrists should be straight.
5.) Rest regularly:
Avoid prolonged periods of sitting. Take short breaks for every 20 minutes; Take a few longer breaks during the day.

Possible Ergonomic improvements in your work place:

Benefits of ergonomics include:
v Safer jobs with no injury
v increased efficiency and productivity
v improved morale

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