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Monsoon Electrical safety

Monsoon Electrical safety

Monsoon has a potential to increase the likelihood of hazard which can cause life threat to human being. The extent and severity of monsoon is unknown, the probability of incident increases and consequences are very severe.

Electrical Safety:

Grinding , drilling and welding should not be carried out in wet condition to avoid any electrocution.

* All electrical panel and Distribution boards to be under proper enclosure/ shed.

* No electrical cable should be lying on ground. Cables should be properly underground or overhead.

* All cables joints to be properly insulated. Provide standard joints for cable using standard jointing kit depending upon the rating of cable.

* Ensure that wiring conditions in the electrical change over room are in good conditions and it should be tested by authorized electrician periodically.

* If there is any water logging ensure that electrical fixtures or appliances are shut down and those that are portable are removed immediately by the authorized electrician.

* Ensure proper personnel protective equipment such as safety shoes, Rubber hand gloves etc, with handling electrical installation.

* Please don't touch any installation in or near your electrical rooms if the wall is wet.

* Strictly ensure that water should not invade in electrical rooms.

* All electrical equipment should route through RCCB at 30mA and below by an ELCB testing kit.

* Keep all the Panel, Distribution boards and installations comparatively at a higher elevation.

* If power line and poles are fallen at site always treat as they are energizes and dangerous . Never touch them and stay away. Call the qualified electrician to rectify the conditions. 

* Be aware of the damaged plugs and cables on electrical appliances & Fixture. If found inform the authorized electrician to rectify them on the spot.

* Never try to help someone trapped by a power line , unless you are taking all necessary precautions for your own safety.

* In case of electric shock isolate the person & check for his breathing consciousness & heartbeat. If artificial breathing is required it has to be administrated by the trained First aider before arrival of medical help.

Lightning Safety:

* No place outside is safe from lightning during a thunderstorm.

* Ensure the condition of observer and connectivity of earth rod in lightening arrester.

* Move inside a strong building or an enclosed hardtop vehicle.

* Avoid working or touching metallic objects to protect from static electricity.

* Avoid use of electrical devices like Grinding machine, Drilling , Welding etc..and electronic devices such as phones (except for emergency) and computers etc..unplug all sensitive equipment.

* When lighting is in the immediate area, crouch down with feet close together and head down to present the smallest possible attraction to strikes. Do not lie down , as this will increase the area for lighting to hit.

* Avoid small shelters and pavilions in open areas that may attract lighting strikes.

* Do not stand underneath a natural lighting rod such as signalling / cell towers, Electrical poles, Electrical Transformers, Tall trees etc..

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