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Ladder safety System

Ladder safety System

Safety precautions while using ladders:
Ø Always maintain 3 point contact with the ladder
Ø Do not carry anything in hands while climbing the ladder
Ø Always face towards the ladder while climbing
Ø Access ladders should be tied and extended at least 1m above the landing point to provide a secure hand hold
Ø Always follow 1:4 rule while placing ladders
Ø Never use the ladder if the rungs found missing
Ø Ensure that the distance between two rungs should not exceed 1feet

Ladder safety System

DONT’S in Ladder safety:

Ø Use ladders when a safe means of access is not available
Ø Use metal ladders near live electrical cables
Ø Place ladders on slippery surfaces

Ø Use ladders horizontally or for some other purposes for which they have not been designed
Ø Climb the ladder when one person is already working on it

Ø Stand them on moveable objects, such as pallets, bricks, lift trucks, tower scaffolds, excavator buckets, vans, or mobile elevating work platforms
Ø Support ladders on their rungs or steps at the base

Ø Use sub-standard (Wooden) ladders

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