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Dengue natural treatment

Dengue Natural Treatment

Dengue Natural Treatment

Dengue Natural Treatment

Dengue fever Symptoms

High fever , loss of appetite , vomitting, severe headche, nausea, pain , beneath teh eyes , muscle and bone pain, sometimes a rash.

Dengue Hemorrhagic fever

It is a  Complication of dengue internal bleeding, red spots on skin, bleeding from nose and gums, vomiting with blood , dark stools, Hemorrhagic version of disease can kill by internal bleeding.

Dengue fever What to do?

Maintain body temparature below 39c consult a doctor if the fever remains more than three days.

Seek medical attention immediately .
If not managed in time 10% to 50% will die.

Prevent mosquitoes bites on DO and DHF patients.

Spread the dengue prevention message to others...Let your family , friends and neighbors know about the danger of breeding mosquitoes.

Dengue fever  Treatment

No cure
Patient given bed rest, fluids, paracetamol
Never take aspirin if you have dengue because it may increase your tendency to bleed.

Dengue fever  Do you Know...?

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever are the most common mosquito - borne viral diseases in the world.

Only the female mosquito feeds on blood. This is because they need the protein found in blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes feed only on plant nectar.

The female Aedes mosquitoes searches for suitable places to lay their eggs.

The mosquitoes is attracted by the body occurs, carbon dioxide and heat emitted from animals or humans.

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