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Ebola Virus Information

Ebola Virus Information

Ebola Virus Information

Ebola Virus Information

What is ebola and how does it spread?

Ebola is caused by a virus 

No vaccine and no treatment are available

causes severe illness , with bleeding 

highly  contagious many people can quickly  become infected.

upto 90% of the infected will die.

sick people can spread the disease to others

people in direct contact with sick people are at highest risk.

family member

healthcare workers.

contract with dead bodies can cause infection. BE careful

Do not wash , touch or kiss dead bodies.

Do not wash hands in the same bucket as others who have touched the body.

What are the symptoms of Ebola

symptoms can start within 2 days of contract with an infected person or body.

Early symptoms.

Late symptoms.

prevention of Ebola and what to do if you get sick.

You can catch EBOLA from someone who is sick or dead 

wash your hands regularly - use soap

Do not touch an infected person or their body fluids, including blood, vomit faces, urine.

Do not touch on eat "bush meat'' and dont eat bats.

call your medical center and tell them about your illness.

listen to the advice you may be sent to a special hospital.

keep away from others so they don't get sick.

Be especially careful of your vomit and diarrhea.

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