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Fire safety - 10 Controls

Fire safety - 10 Controls

Fire safety - 10 Controls

Fire safety - 10 Controls

1.Inspect all areas for fire hazard on a regular basis, paying particular attention to places where fires are most likely to occur.

2.Educate employees about risks and update them when new equipment's or processes introduce new hazard.

3.Provide the right fire extinguishers for the hazards in your work areas. check regularly to make sure the devices are charged. materials safely, and keep storage areas well ventilated and free of ignition sources.

5.Dispose of waste promptly and properly.

6.Require good housekeeping practices to keep work areas clean and free of fire hazards.

7.make sure ventilation system operate effectively to remove flammable vapors, combustible dusts and powders from the air.

8. service machine regularly. Establish a regular maintanence schedule and make sure it is followed.

9.Regularly check electrical circuits, outlets, wires and plugs. if small appliances are in use , make sure they are turned off at the end of the shift or workday.

10.Enforce fire safety and prevention rules (including no-smoking policy)

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