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Fire safety 7 Hazards

Fire safety 7 Hazards

Fire safety 7 Hazards

Fire safety 7 Hazards

1.scrap and trash : when waste materials buildup, the danger of fire increase. Once an ignition source is present , scrap and trash provide the fuel a fire needs to grow.

2.Dust : Excess dust or powder in the air from wood, plastic , metal,and other operations can cause an explosion if ignited.

3.Flammable liquids: Improper handling, storage, or disposal of flammable used in production processes as furl sources o for cleaning area   leading cause of workplace fires.

4.Combustible materials : Culprits include paper, cardboard, cloth and wood or products made from these materials.

5.Electrical sources : overloaded electrical circuits and outlets , damaged wiring, defective switches, and damaged plus are potential causes of electrical fires.

6.Machinery : Fires can be caused by inadequately lubricated or cleaned equipment as well as mechanical defects.

7.Smoking: when employees try to defeat so-smoking polices, the result can be deadly. An incompletely extinguished cigarette carelessly tossed into a wastebasket or onto a warehouse floor can have disastrous consequences.

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