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Traffic sign indicates

Traffic sign indicates

Traffic sign indicates

What does traffic sign indicates

Red means STOP:

Wait behind the stop or cross line

If there are no lines, stop before the traffic light at the intersection so that the traffic light is clearly visible.

wit until a green signal appears before continuing.

Yellow means CAUTION

You can continue if amber appears after you have crossed the detention line or if you feel that stopping can cause an accident. Be careful anyway.

GREEN means GO

Continue to make sure the road is clear.

You can make a right or left turn if it is not prohibited. With signs, but take a special sign and give way to pedestrians crossing the street.

Flashing red

It is generally provided at level crossings, bridges, Sirfield, fire stations, secondary roads, etc.

It means that you must stop completely and proceed with caution after marking a security check on all approaching traffic.

Flashing yellow

It is generally provided where the main roads meet secondary roads.

Reduce speed and proceed with caution, paying attention to other traffic and pedestrians.

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