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Diwali safety measures

Diwali safety measures

Diwali is also know as deepavali and the "festival of lights" is The festival spiritually signifies the victory of lights over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair . The festival preparations and ritual typically extend over a five days period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest , new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika.

Diwali safety measures

Injuries during Diwali :

* Over 40% of those injured from fireworks are children  14 years of age younger.

* Males are injured three times as frequently as females.

* Boys between the ages of 10 and 14 years have the highest rate of injury

When and Where Injury Occur :

* Injuries occur on and around when celebrating with fireworks.

* Homes are where most of these injuries occur , followed by recreate highways, and parking lots etc.

In case of an accident :

* Minor burns can be treated by running cold water over the affected area.

* treat the burn with skin care products like aloe Vera.

* You may also wrap a loose dry bandage around the wound.

* In case of serious burns,  after removing the smoldering bits of cloth , wrap the person in a clean sheet before rushing to the hospital to avoid infection.

* In case of eye burns , wash the are with water for 10 minutes, If the burning feeling still persists, head to a hospital

Reduce Noise Pollution: 

* The nuisance due to noise of firework cannot be ignored. This is primarily for all those people who have infants or newborn,patients old people and pets at homes or in neighbor hood. Please refrain from buying fire crackers which create noise and air pollution.

Do's For Diwali :

* Before bursting fire crackers look for an open space and ensure there are no combustible and inflammatory things around.

* Always buy fireworks from licensed and reliable sellers.

* Keep mall children away from the bursting area.

* Use a sparkler , agarbatti (incense stick) or a long fire wood to light a crackers as they keep you at a safe distance and do not , posses a naked flame.

* Read the label on the crackers and follow the instruction carefully.

* While igniting aerial fire works like rockets ensure that they are not a open window, door or an open building which may cause fire.

* Keep fireworks stock away lighting a particular fireworks.

* Wear footwear while lighting fireworks.

* Organize a community display of fireworks rather than individuals handling crackers.

* Keep first aid and buckets of water handy. In the event of fire , extinguisher from the buckets. Every major fire is small when it starts.

Don'ts for Diwali :

* Do not wear nylon clothes. Prefer cotton while bursting crackers.

* strictly avoid using matches and lighters for bursting crackers as they have open flames that can be dangerous.

* Never ignite aerial fireworks (like rockets) if there is any overhead obstruction present like trees and wires.

* Never experiment with crackers or make your own fire works.

* Avoid bursting fireworks on roads.

* Never ever light a crackers in your hand. See to it that you put it down and ignite it.

* Never ever leave a lit match , agarbatti (incense stick) or sparkler near unused crackers.

* Dont keep your face close to the crackers while trying to light it.

* Do not throw fireworks at people.

* Never give any firework item to small children

* Never to to burst crackers indoors or from inside a vehicle.

* Do not approach immediately the misfired fireworks.

* Do not tamper with misfired fireworks.

* Do not wear loose , hanging clothes, Secure all clothes properly.

* Do not apply any cream or ointment or oil on burnt area.

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