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Portable Power Tools safety

Portable Power Tools safety

Portable power tools are intended mainly for carrying out small jobs and are used to mechanize manual operations and powered by electricity, air etc in the performance of fitting, installation, assembly or finishing work. They are also used at places on articles that cannot be reached by tools on stationary machines.

Portable Power Tools safety

Hazards involved in portable power tools:

The hazards associated with portable electrical hand tools include:

Ø  Electric Shock, Electrocution, Burns

Ø  Heat, Sparks / Fire, Cuts, Abrasions, Punctures

Ø  Dust / Flying particles, Entrapment of Clothing

Ø  Sprains and Strains (Wrist, Hand, Arm, Shoulder etc.)

Hearing effect, vibration cause "white fingers"

Precautions for Abrasive Tools:

Ø  All Abrasive tools shall be test driven and necessary earthing shall be checked before use.

Ø  All moving parts of mills, mixers etc. shall have secure guards to avoid injury to workers.

Ø  Provide personal protective equipment to workers involving in crushing, grinding or pulverizing operations and all the machines shall be covered.

Instruct Workers to:

Ø  Hold the tool so that its centre of gravity is located close to the body

Ø  Minimize kickback from the tool by working on flat surface

Ø  Rest their hand by laying the tool down or inserting it in a holster when it is not being used

Do’s for Electrical Hand Tools:

Ø  Check tools before starting work for any damages.

Ø  Make sure the tool is in safe condition like cleaned, repaired and oiled.
Ø  Make sure the ground pin is in place and that there are no cuts in the cord.

Ø  Ensure proper earthing or check that tool is double insulated.

Ø  Make sure switch is operating freely. Keep finger off switch when carrying a tool.

Ø  Ensure that guards are in place and that they are functioning properly.

Ø  If brushes are sparking excessively, obtain a replacement tool.

Ø  Wear suitable eye and foot protection.

Ø  Remove adjusting keys/wrenches before turning tool on or plugging it in.

Ø  Pull out power plug before adjusting or making changes, or when the tool is not in use.

Ø  Always hold the tool firmly.

Ø  Tools should be carried in the tool kit while climbing up a ladder.

Ø  Store tool where it won’t be damaged.

Don’ts for Electrical Hand tools:

Ø  Don’t work where floor is wet or damp without extreme precautions.

Ø  Don’t carry tools freely up a ladder.

Ø  Don’t operate grinding wheels at speeds beyond their rating.

Ø  Don’t use the cord to pull out plugs or lift tools.

Ø  Don’t use tools where flammable gases or vapours may be present.
Ø  Don’t make improvised repairs.

Ø  Don’t work on makeshift platforms.

Ø  Don’t use tools with defective guards.

Ø  Don’t hang cord over sharp edges, through water, where they can be run over by vehicles or tripped over.

Ø  Don’t wear loose clothing or gloves.

Ø  Don’t keep hands near the rotating or moving parts.

“Stay Alert don't get hurt”

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