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The Ultimate Revelation Of Diwali Safety Measures.

The ultimate Revelation of Diwali safety measures

Diwali is also known as deepavali, and the "Festival of Lights" is symbolic of the fact that the festival means the victory of the lights over darkness, the knowledge of ignorance, the good over the evil, and the hope on the ground. despair. The preparations and ritual of the festival usually extend over a period of five days, but the main night of the Diwali festival coincides with the darkest night and the new moon of the Hindu lunar month Kartika.

The ultimate Revelation of Diwali safety measures

Injuries during Diwali :

* More than 40% of those injured by fireworks are children 14 and under.

* Men are injured three times more often than women.

* Boys aged 10 to 14 have the highest injury rate

When and Where Injury Occur :

* Injuries occur on and around during the celebration with fireworks.

* Most injuries occur in homes, followed by re-created roads, parking lots, etc.

In case of an accident while celebrating Diwali :

* Minor burns can be treated by running cold water over the affected area.

* Treat the burn with skin care products such as aloe vera.

* You can also wrap a dry dressing around the wound.

* In case of severe burns, after removing the pieces of cloth that are brooding, wrap the person in a clean sheet before rushing to the hospital to avoid infection.

* In case of eye burn, rinse with water for 10 minutes. If the burning sensation persists, go to a hospital.

Reduce Noise Pollution - Diwali: 

Noise disturbance from the fireworks can not be ignored. This mainly concerns all people who have infants or newborns, elderly patients and pets at home or in the surrounding area. Avoid buying firecrackers that create noise and air pollution.

Do's For Diwali :

* Before bursting the firecrackers, look for a clear space and make sure there are no flammable or flammable objects left.

* Always buy fireworks from authorized and reliable sellers.

* Keep the mall kids away from the break zone.

* Use a sparkler, an agarbatti (incense stick) or long firewood to light a cookie, as they keep you at a safe distance and do not have a naked flame.

* Read the label on the cookies and follow the instructions carefully.

* When lighting air fires such as rockets, make sure they are not an open window, door or building that could cause a fire.

* Keep the stock of fireworks at bay to light a special fireworks.

* Wear shoes while lighting fireworks.
* Organize a fireworks display in the community rather than individuals handling crackers.
* Keep first aid and buckets of water on hand. In case of fire, fire extinguisher buckets. Every major fire is small at first.

Don'ts for Diwali :

* Do not wear nylon clothes. Prefers cotton by popping crackers.

* Strictly avoid using matches and lighters to crack crackers, as they have naked flames that can be dangerous.

* Never light fireworks (such as rockets) if there is an obstruction in height such as trees and wires.

* Never experiment with cookies or create your own fire works.

* Avoid fireworks on the roads.

* Never light a cookie in your hand. See that you put it down and turn it on.

* Never leave a lit match, an agarbatti (incense stick) or candle near unused crackers.

* Do not keep your face near cookies while trying to light it.

* Do not throw fireworks at people.

* Never give fireworks to young children

* Never crack crackers inside or inside a vehicle.

* Do not approach the fireworks immediately.

* Do not touch missed fireworks.

* Do not wear loose and hanging clothes, fasten all your clothes.

* Do not apply cream, ointment or oil to the burned area.

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