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Learn the truth about Conveyor Belt Safety

Learn the truth about Conveyor Belt  Safety 

The conveyor belt is widely used to transfer material from one place to another. Number of accidents during maintenance activities with conveyor. Conveyors are dangerous when they are neither protected nor protected. Preventive measures must be implemented so that work on or near the conveyors can be carried out safely.

Learn the truth about Conveyor Belt  Safety

Hazards associated with conveyor belts :

1) Contact with rotating parts

2) Falling person

3) Fall of materials or objects

4) fire

5) electrocution

6) Slip / Fall / Fall Injuries

7) sprains / sprains

8) Unauthorized operation

Conveyor belt Do's

1) Follow the authorization to work on the procedures of factories, machines and other motorized equipment

2) Follow LOTO procedures (Lock Out Tag Out)

3) Keep hair, clothing and other body parts away from the conveyor

4) Know the locations and function of all on / off controls

5) Keep all stop and start controls free of obstruction

6) All personnel must be cleared from the conveyor before starting

7) The conveyor must be used by an authorized person

8) The entire length of the conveyor must be visible from the driver's cab. The operator must visually check that people are in an open area before operating the conveyor.

9) If the entire length of the conveyor is not visible from the operating cab, an audible warning must be installed (alarm) to warn people before using it.

10) The parts of the moving machine must be kept properly

11) Wear tight clothing, insert when working near conveyor belts

12) List of trained operators to display

13) Conveyors shall be equipped with emergency stop devices / pull switches at the appropriate location, as well as conveyors.

Conveyor belt Don'ts :

1) Do not repair the conveyor before the power goes off and the machinery or equipment is blocked 
against dangerous movement.

2) Do not ride, walk, sit, or ride on conveyors

3) Do not load the conveyor outside the design limits.

4) Do not remove or modify conveyor guards or safety devices

5) Conveyor pulleys must not be manually cleaned while the conveyor is in motion.

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