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Scaffold Inspection Tag: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Scaffold inspection tag : It's not as difficult as you think

Erection and dismantling of scaffolding is one of the most hazardous activities in the construction industry. During the process of scaffolding erection and dismantling many of the accidents takes place. It is very much essential to establish a system with respect to construct proper and safe scaffolding. This system called as scaffold tag system.

Scaffold tags which are using for inspecting the safe usage of scaffolding while erecting and dismantling.
The scaffold tag is made available in two colors, which are Green and Red in color. The tags contain Location, Name and signature of the competent person, Date of inspection and Due date for inspection.

Scaffold inspection tag : It's not as difficult as you think

Green color scaffold Tag:

This tag indicates that the scaffolding is completed and it has been inspected by competent person and it is safe for use. GREEN scaffold tag is valid for one week from the date of inspection.
Red color scaffold tag:

This tag indicates that the scaffold is under erection or dismantling, or not yet inspected, or is not safe for use (by anyone other than the nominated scaffold gang).
Scaffold tag Competent person:

v  Competent person - who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in erecting and dismantling of scaffolds,
v  Competent person should be responsible for inspecting of scaffolds and for certify the quality of the same.
v  Competent person should be responsible to issue the green and red scaffold tags.
Competent person must be identified and nominated by the project

Scaffold inspection and tagging procedure:

Erection / Dismantling of scaffold:

v  Only the nominated scaffolding gang shall do erection of any scaffold under the supervision and guidance of form work engineer or competent person.

v  Red colored tag should fix on the scaffold when it is under erection /dismantling by the nominated gang /supervisor.

v  Once erection is completed, form work engineer or the nominated competent person shall inspect the scaffold, after inspection if the scaffold found to be safe for use, the form work engineer / nominated competent person shall fix the green scaffold tag replacing the red scaffold tag.

v  The form work engineer / competent person will fix the green colored tag after signing and writing the date of inspection and due date for inspection.

Inspection of scaffolding:

v  All the scaffolding being used at site shall be re-inspected once in a week by the form work engineer / competent person.

v  Green tags of the scaffolding, which are found safe, shall be renewed with date of inspection and signature of the form work engineer / competent person.

v  If any scaffold is found unsafe for use, form work engineer / competent person shall place a red scaffold tag and stop the usage of scaffold until rectification of the same.

Extension and alterations of scaffolding:

v  Any extension, alteration or shifting of scaffold shall be done only by the nominated scaffolding gang under the supervision and guidance of form work engineer / competent person.

v  When such work is being carried out in scaffolding, a red scaffold tag shall be placed on the scaffold indicating the restriction in use of scaffold.

v  After carrying the works, the form work engineer / competent person shall Inspected the scaffold and certify it is safe for use by placing the green tag if found safe. Else, the red tag shall remain until the rectification is done.

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