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Why is Safe Use Of scaffold so Important

Why is Safe Use Of scaffold is so important

Fall from height is a significant problem in construction sites, which resulting in serious injury. In This we provides information for creating and maintaining a safe working environment when working at height.

Why is Safe Use Of scaffold is so important

Safe Use Of scaffold

Before erection of scaffold:

*  Scaffold shall be designed by a qualified and competent person.

*Check for damages in scaffolding frame. Damaged or defective scaffolding frames must be immediately removed from service.

Inspect for overhead power lines. Scaffold should be free from overhead power lines.

*Scaffold erection area shall be cordoned.

*Scaffold ground should be properly leveled and compacted.

Erection of scaffold:

*  Scaffold erection shall be carried out only by the skilled workmen with the supervision of competent person.

*  Red tag shall be provided to caution that the scaffold is under erection

*  Ladder / proper stair to be provided for climbing scaffold.

*Ladder / stair case should be free from slippery conditions.

*  Base plate / sole plate to be placed at the bottom of the scaffold.

*  Bracings and double lock pins shall not be omitted under any circumstances.

*No any materials should throw from height.

*  Scaffold should be braced at 6m height level with permanent structure.

Working Platform of scaffold:

*  Check for green tag before starting the work on scaffold.

*Work platform to be adequate with respect to strength and dimension.

*  Every working platform shall be provided with ladder or any other safe means of access.

*  Working platforms to be provided with hand rail, mid rails and toe board.
*  Edges of plat form shall be provided with guard rail. Height of the top rail shall be from 900 mm to 1200 mm. the mid rail shall be provided halfway between the platform and the top rail. Toe guard should minimum of 100mm height.

*  Remove debris and unnecessary materials from scaffold platforms.

*  Platform shall be tightly decked for the full width of the scaffold and it should be secured against displacement.

Dismantling of scaffold:

*  Scaffold dismantling area should be cordoned.

*   Scaffold dismantle shall be carried out only by the skilled workmen with the supervision of competent person.

*   The scaffold being dismantled shall be provided with Red tag to indicate it unsafe to work on it.

*  Dismantled materials shall be lowered using and pulley arrangement

*   Each tier shall be completely dismantled and the material lowered to the ground before beginning to dismantle the next tier.

*   Dropping materials shall be avoided to prevent injury to the work men below and damage to the materials

Fall protection of scaffold:

*  Persons erecting / working in scaffolds shall use a fall-prevention  system Double Lanyard full body harness in situations above 1.8 metres.

*  Workmen’s be provided with bag / box to carry bolt, nuts & hand tools.

*   Hand tools & handling materials to be secured against accidental fall.

*  Avoid keeping any loose materials in working platform

*   Safety net shall use to prevent fall of materials.

*  Prohibit scaffold use during rain storms and high winds and no one should use the scaffold immediately after rain storms and high winds before inspection.

*   Competent person should be responsible for inspecting of scaffolds and for certify the quality of the scaffold and he should be responsible to issue the scaffold tags*.

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