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15 Golden Fire Safety Tips

15 Golden Fire Safety Tips  

15 Golden Fire Safety Tips

1. In the event of a fire, call 101 immediately. Don't let someone else make it already!

2. When you see a fire, activate your building's fire alarm system and scream "fire" or "fire" at the top of your voice to alert others. Don't say anything else. (Others may take longer to realize the seriousness of the situation.)

3. Do not use the lift at the time of the fire. Use the steps.

4. If caught in smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth!

5. If you are stuck in a room and find no way out, close the door and seal the doors and cracks with wet towels or sheets. This will prevent smoke from coming in.

6. If your building is on fire, if you do not get caught, go outside and resume service 101 immediately.

7. Invest in a Smoke Alarm for your home or office. It is always best to prevent a fire.

8. Ensure that all smoke alarms, fire alarms and public address systems, water springs, and fire safety systems in your building are in good balance.

9. Check the date and replays of your nearest fire extinguisher.

10. Spend some time learning how and when to use a fire extinguisher!

11. Make sure your building's association or group has fire drills every six months. Make sure you designate a safe meeting area in your building.

12. At the time of the fire, crowds of people around the building would have to stop the emergency and rescue workers. In such a situation, call 101 and get out of the area.

13. If you catch fire in your clothes, do not run. It will exacerbate the fire. Lie down and roll to the floor. Cover the burning fire with a blanket.

14. If you do not have emergency and fire safety training, do not give firefighters instructions. It will confuse them.

15. Heavy smoke and poisonous gases first collect upwards. If there is smoke, look toward the floor. The air is cleaner there.

Take this with your friends and raise awareness about fire safety. Save the Life!

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