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Everything You Need To Know About Boom Placer Concrete

Everything you Need To Know about Boom placer concrete

Everything you Need To Know about Boom placer concrete

The following safety aspects shall be considered while using transit mixer for transporting concrete:
* Driver / operator of the transits mixer shall processes valid driving license, Unauthorized driving shall not be permitted.

*All the transits mixers shall be provided with helper, while reversing the vehicle , apart from the reverse horn, helper shall be at the rear end side so as to be visible to the driver and guide him.

*Transits mixer shall not be moved when chute in open position. Provision shall be given to lock the chute.

*On any construction site the speed of the transits mixer shall not exceed 15 km/hr.

* No person shall be allowed to stand between the transit mixer and concrete pump.

*While working near to excavated pit and trenches the transits mixer shall be stopped well ahead of the edge of th trench / pit by providing wedges.

Setting up concrete pump / boom placer on site:

* Concrete pump shall be set up in a level, solid and obstruction free places.

* It shall be ensured that the pump is not positioned over or adjacent to

Excavations, trenches or holes in the ground

Inadequately compact or soft ground

*Unauthorized persons shall be kept away from the immediate area of machine.

*The area shall be barricaded appropriately and made safe from other traffic

*Concrete delivery trucks shall be on hand to safely direct the movement of the trucks.

*Regular checks are important to ensure stability.

Pipe laying concreting:

*While laying concrete pipeline reduce the number of bends as far as possible.

*Horizontal pipelines shall be supported.

*Each section of pipe in a vertical pipeline shall be supported to avoid extra load on the pipe clamp.

*When quick release clamps are used, locking pin shall be engaged to accidental release.

*Adequate no of anchor brackets and tie downs shall be used to secure the system.

*Where excessive pipe movement occurs, due to the surging action of pump, extra anchorage shall be provided to restrict the line movement, especially at bends and elbows.

*The rubber delivery hose shall be checked for damage prior to being fitted.

While pump is running:

*Hands,arms,legs and feet shall be away from the hopper gate. Hopper grate shall not be moved.

*No one shall be permitted to stand or walk on the hopper gate regardless of whether the pump is running or not.

Placement of boom placer near to power line:

*The following minimum clearance shall be maintained during the placement of boom placers.

·         11 kV and below – 1.40m
·         Above 11 and below 33 kV – 3.60m
·         Above 33 and below 132 kV – 4.70M
·         Above 132 and below 275 kV – 5.70m

·         Above 275 and below 400 kV – 6.50m

* Swing of the overhead lines and of the placing boom in the wind shall also be taken in to account while setting distance from power lines.

*All power lines or electrical conductors must be considered LIVE unless they are positively identified to be isolated to be from all sources of supply.

Maintenance of pump and hopper:

*Maintenance work shall be done under the supervision of authorized person. Only trained workmen should engage for maintenance work.

*Pump shall be shut down before starting cleaning work. While a workman is cleaning the pump there shall be another workmen in the immediate vicinity to provide assistance, if required.

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