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Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan is a plan of action for the efficient deployment and coordination of services, agencies and personnel to provide the earliest possible response to an emergency.

Objectives of emergency response plan:
Ø  To get back the situation under control in the minimum possible time
Ø  To protect the plant personnel inside the plant and public outside the plant
Ø  Reduce damage to buildings, stock, and equipment
Ø  To protect the environment and the community.
Ø  Accelerate the resumption of normal plant operations
Types of emergency response plan:
Emergency response plan is divided in to types;
Ø  On - site emergency response plan
Ø  Off - site emergency response plan
On - site emergency response plan: The following types of emergencies come under on site emergency;
·         Collapse of structures
·         Fall from height
·         Spills of flammable liquids
·         Fire accidents
·         Pressure vessel burst
·         Hit by vehicle
On - site emergency involves only plant personnel inside the plant.
Off - site emergency response plan: The following types of emergencies comes under off - site emergency;
·         Leakage of toxic gases
Road accidents when working on existing roads
·         Fire accidents affecting public
·         Earth quakes
·         Floods
·         Tornadoes
·         Severe wind storms
off - site emergency involves both plant personnel inside the plant and public outside the plant

Essential element of  emergency preparedness planning:
Ø  Identify hazards and assess risk associated with project activities

Ø  All the access and egress are to be identified and they are to be maintained un obstructed all the time

Ø  An emergency assembly point is to be identified and all workers are to be informed regarding emergency assembly point

Ø  Provide fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment

Ø  If a fire brigade is necessary, adequately train them

Ø  Certified first aider is to be appointed and separate provision for first aid room is to be provided

Ø  An ambulance equipped with stretcher and oxygen cylinder should made available

Ø  Internal rescue teams are to be prepared, and their names along with contact numbers are to be displayed at all designated places

Ø  Ensure rescue teams are familiar with job site conditions

Ø  Alarm systems are to be provided in the site, in order to alert all personnel during emergency

Ø  Develop and maintain relation with external agencies like fire department, police department and local hospitals

Ø  The contact details of respective external agencies are to be displayed at sites

Ø  Mock drills are to be conducted for every six months in case of on - site emergency and for every twelve months in case of off - site emergency

During Emergency remember,

Ø  Stop what you’re doing

Ø  Don’t get panic

Ø  Alert others by using alarms provided

Ø  Ensure you’re accounted for

Ø  Immediately inform to the site emergency controller regarding the emergency

Ø  Follow the directions given by emergency controller

Ø  Never use elevators in case of fire

Ø  Assemble at nearest emergency assembly point

Ø  Remain at assembly point until all clear signal is given

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