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Learn The Truth About Form Work In The Next 60 Seconds

Learn the truth about Form work in the next 60 seconds

Form-work is the term given to either temporary or permanent moulds into which concrete or similar materials are poured in to required dimensions and support until it is able to support itself.

Learn the truth about Form work in the next 60 seconds

Form work, generally involves two kinds of activities namely;
Ø Shuttering &
Ø de Shuttering
The process of erecting form work is termed as shuttering and dismantling the same is termed as de-shuttering.

Hazards and risks associated with Form Work:

Ø  Workers falling during steel fixing and the erection of form work.
Ø  Collapse of the form work
Ø  Materials falling during the striking of form work
Ø  Silica dust from scabbing operations
Ø  Arm and back strain while manual handling of shutters, reinforcing bars etc.
Ø  Cement burns from Wet cement.

Safety precautions to be taken while shuttering:

Ø  Shuttering shall be done as per the given scheme drawings only.
Ø  No loose materials should be kept on the form work panel or platforms. Usage of boxes / containers to be used for keeping nails etc..
Ø  Shutter panels to be pre-checked for defects or damages before lifting
Ø  All the intermediate props should be fitted with supporting heads
Ø  Placement & fixing of locking pins should not be omitted & it should not be replaced by any other materials.
Ø  Conditions of the components shall be checked and damaged one shall not be used.
Ø  Usage of lifelines and full body harness to be ensured, when the persons are placing the shutters and edge protection / guard rail is to be provided when the floor / slab is ready for placing the reinforcement.
Ø Lifting of materials & other shuttering components shall be carried out by using derrick & pullry arrangement.
Ø  Shuttering oil should be applied gently over the shuttering plates.Overdose may take the floor to form more slippery. Instruction shoud be given for NO SMOKING and care should be taken in case of any fire / hot work occurs nearby.
Ø  Spillage of shuttering oil at work place to be avoided. Any spills to be cleaned then and there immediately.
Ø  Before it is cleared for concrete pouring, Engineer in charge/carpentry foreman shall inspect the supports of shuttering for adequacy.
Ø  While pouring the concrete , competent persons shall be assigned to keep a watch on the shutters & its supports especially during the major pours.

Safety precautions to be taken while de-shuttering:

Ø  Each tier shall be completely dismantled and materials to be lowered to the ground before beginning to dismantle the next tier.
Ø  The are of de-shuttering to be barricaded to prevent the entry of other persons.
Ø  Dropping of materials to be avoided to prevent damage to the materials & injury to the workmen.
Ø  Power cables,light fittings underneath the area of de-shuttering to be removed before starting the de-shuttering.
Ø  Loose materials should not be left at higher elevations
Ø  Before starting the de-shuttering activity the scaffolding towers to be checked for missing components and to be ensured that it is stable.
Ø  Safe access & work platform to be provided for the workmen when working at height
Ø  No materials shall be left scattered on the ground. Good housekeeping to be ensured
Ø  Skilled workmen shall be employed for monitoring shuttering & de shuttering activities.

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