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The Best Kept Secrets About Weight Lifting Gear And Apparel

The Best secrets about Weight Lifting gear and apparel

Lifting gears play an important part in the lifting operation. Their function is to tie the objects tightly and hang them on the crane. There is a great variety of lifting gears. If there is insufficient knowledge or a wrong choice is made, lifting may fail and accidents may result. All lifting gears shall be tested by qualified examiners and suitably marked with the Safe Working Load (SWL).

Ø  Wire rope slings *
Ø  Chain slings
Ø  Shackles and
Ø  Hooks are some of the major lifting gears play an important part in the lifting operation.

The Best secrets about Weight Lifting gear and apparel

Chain slings:

Chain slings are made up of chain rings. The advantage of chain slings is that they deteriorate and corrode less. Chain slings are made of alloys. However, the entire chain becomes unsafe if problems arise in any section. A damaged chain sling will suddenly break and the damage is not as easily detectable as compared to rope slings. Therefore, a rope sling must be selected wherever possible for lifting.

Inspection of Chain slings:

Ø  The chain sling shall not be used under the following conditions:
Ø  No ordinary chains shall be used for lifting.
Ø  The Safe Working Load (SWL) shall not be exceeded.
Ø  No knots or bolts that shorten the chain length shall be used.
Ø  Do not use hammers to reshape a deformed chain sling.
Regular inspections shall be conducted.


Shackles are divided into two main caterories.''D'' type shackles and ''BOW'' type shackles. Both are available with screw pin or round pin.

Inspection of Shackles:

Ø  Never replace the shackle pin with a bolt.
Ø  Ensure the pin is totally locked.
Ø  Do not use screw pin shackles if the pin can roll and unscrew.
Ø  During lifting, shackles shall not lean to one side.
Ø  Shackle pins must always be attached to the hook.
Ø  Washers may be used to centre the shackle.

Hooks are a vital part of lifting gear. A variety of them cater for different lifting purposes.

Ø  All hooks shall be installed with safety latches (other than the specially designed hooks).
Ø  Hooks can be installed with swivels to allow the load to revolve.
Ø  Select hooks of the right size.
Ø  Do not tie or remove the safety latches.
Ø  Maintain the hook in a vertical position. If the hook is eccentrically loaded, the Safe Working Load (SWL) will be reduced.

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