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Tips on Car Maintenance and Safe Driving for the Rainy Day

Tips on Car Maintenance and Safe Driving for the Rainy Day

More attention is needed to driving and maintaining the car during the rainy season. There are many safety issues involved in driving a car during the rainy season than a normal car.

Water-filled grooves are more at risk of slippery ground. In this newsletter, we share some guidelines on safe driving in the rainy season.

Tips on Car Maintenance and Safe Driving for the Rainy Day

Moderate speed, very good for Driving

Slowing down the speed can save you half the risk of car driving. Also, go ahead with specific vehicles with front vehicles. Definitely, do not drive by tailgating. We have compiled some maintenance modes and driving methods in subsequent slides.

Tyre maintenance

In the rainy season, it is advisable to have enough button size to have plenty of car ground. This will reduce slippage. Put one rupee coin in the space of the tire button like this. If the coin is outside, it is better to change the tire immediately. Other than that, the dash is given a sidewall. Tire Tire Replace the tire before touching the line.

Too much grip on tyre

Inadequate tread-free tires can reduce hardness due to moisture. It can be dangerous. Inadequate turret tires will give you more ground in the rainy season. The tread break is given to the water. If there is insufficient tread, the tire's slippage without the possibility of running out of water, brake performance is not good. Therefore, the tire should be given more importance in car maintenance mode during the rainy season.


Viper blades are correct. Make sure the water in the windshield is clean. If the wipers function well during heavy rains, the road can be seen clearly. So don't take this as a small thing.

Viper blade change

Replace the Viper Blades once a year. If it's an older car, it's better to replace the Viper blades as well as the Viper Arms. The Viper Arms put the right amount of pressure on the windshield and the road is not clear.

Don't do this while heavy rains

Also check the headlights. Also, if there is insufficient vision in the rain, put a low beam on the lighting and leave the light on. Don't put the hyped. It will cause inconvenience to the opposite motorists. Also, in older cars it is necessary to replace the headlight reflector and the mirror.

During heavy rains

Viper blades can wipe out more water on the windshield during heavy rains. In such cases, park the car safely on the roadside. Don't forget to flash the Hazard warning lights.

In curves

Be very careful in curves and try to get back to speed. A sudden break in the rain can cause a car to lose control. Braking the brakes prematurely on vehicles without ABS


It is tradition to say that you have to follow the vehicles ahead of you on the highway for 3 seconds. At the same time, note that this should be extra during rainy season. You can safely park your vehicle in front of a sudden brake.

Over take

when trying to overtake heavy vehicle, such as trucks and buses the risk of water splashing out of the tires of your car is likely to obscure the silk view on your car's windshield. So , be careful when driving in the rainy season. Otherwise, it is best to follow through and overtake in a safe place. Also, it is better to avoid the night trip.

Oil foil

Leaky vehicles, such as gasoline, diesel or oil, will come along and spill over into the windshield. Thus, it is impossible to see the road clearly. Be careful as this is not immediately possible.

Water stagnant roads while rainy season

It is better to avoid waterlogged roads. It is okay to walk a few kilometres. Going on the alternate route is easy. Also, go through the familiar roads. Keep the clutch off and slowly give the oscillator off as you go along the dirt roads. This will prevent water from entering the exhaust pipe.

Lack of attention while driving

Avoid talking to the phone, typing sms. Keep the sound of the music system slow. This will avoid negligence.

Ac Function

White showers can be found on the inside of the windshield when it rains. In such cases the function of the AC defroster can be very important. So check to see if the AC is working fine. If the car is not AC, cut the potato in half and rub it in the mirror. This will avoid smoking.

It's Not... 

Get used to slowing down as you go on water-filled roads. Do not drive water on pedestrians and motorcyclists. We hope that the easy maintenance methods can driving guidelines required for the rainy season given here are useful. If there are any things that are not included, share them in the comment box. Useful for everyone.

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