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What Not to Do in Pregnancy

What Not to Do in Pregnancy

All doctors tell you what to do during pregnancy, what to eat and what not to eat, and what kind of exercise to do. When you type a pregnancy number in Google and click on it, all the references will come up with statistics. “Then a separate class for women who become mothers? What is so special about it? ”Science and science have grown and supported a woman in various ways during her pregnancy, but modern science has a huge loophole, and that's the hallmark. No matter how much you do in the outdoors, how you are in the interior determines the quality of life to come and the mother's pride in bringing it to life. It's not just about reproduction. As a mother, it is in your hands how you are going to create the next generation. 

In India, much attention has been paid to the environment around a woman when she is pregnant. What kind of men should be seen, what should not be read, what should be read, and what kinds of smells to consume have been monitored throughout? It disappears completely, pregnant women go to work, watch movies, go to a bar, and so on. Once a woman has conceived, the purpose is to keep her with the most pleasant feelings. Even for a while she was angry, irritated and sad. Like her precious treasure Reserved. This made a big difference in what was reported inside her embryo. Whatever record she takes in herself, goes into the conception of birth. Moreover, both husband and wife have no interest in creating a life just like them. They wanted to attract a little more life in evolution than they did. From the very first day, from conception to conception, they looked after everything and everything in order to make life more effective. Adults have many ideas, but they don't understand why.

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