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Best medicine for cough?

Best medicine for cough?

Best medicine for cough

“Hey point! Pattisu, two days of the day, the kaliyakkura tulsi, tippali mulchitti kalikkilai kalikkilai, kukku tatti kacchi, "said the doctors of the house of medicine with love and confusion of the grandmothers !! Today, modern grandmothers and mothers conclude that "oooh" or "ah", "tile doctor, all the antibiotics!" Inadequate Rocket Price In real estate, in diminished housing backyards, “there is no place for drying clothes and spreading washed utensils, where does the herb go? To increase the impact of the superficial genius of "let's not work out all the leaf and dal during this T20!", Many more reasons are being marginalized today in our hand-held culture. . “It is natural for a man to be healthy in his life. Occasionally it is a disease. But nowadays, it is normal to be sick in everyday life! ”“ Okay! Interested in learning about herbs to stay healthy and what kind of lifestyle you are using now! How's that? " Go beyond the 80's and do any of his work without any spirits in the body and mind. Even today, the "B" and "C" towns can be seen as grandparents. One of them is this Uma! 7 Her children are at ease; 16 She raised up grandchildren; “Then what eye hospital? Great flood doctor! The rest of the doctor is Nantamba. Leaf and mulch are the medicine! Nalla Tanya grew up with six children! 16 grandson and granddaughter ... I got my hand for 16! This is the silver grandmother's grandmother traveling with us! She opens the doors of her garden for us and exchanges those backyard secrets!

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