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Can cancer be prevented?

Can cancer be prevented?
Can cancer be prevented

There is no guaranteed method of preventing cancer. But the right lifestyle can greatly reduce the chance of disease. Researchers have found that the use of tobacco (eg: cigarettes, beetles, pan varieties) and alcohol and smoking habits increases the risk of sore throats. Eat less fat, more vegetables, fruit, whole grains and avoid processed foods. Protecting the skin from the sun. Use sunscreen lotion and appropriate attire. Vaccination can prevent specific cancers caused by viruses. Cancer and pain: There is widespread perception and fear that cancer is a painful disease. The amount of pain varies depending on what kind of cancer is spreading and the patient's tolerability. There are appropriate medications to control pain. Taking a doctor's advice can help relieve pain and prevent addiction to pain medications. Cancer and depression: Depression affects 25% of cancer patients. When cancer comes, it is normal to feel depressed and leave it with the doctor or close relatives. When you know that cancer is a fear of death, anxiety about the future of the family, anxiety about the severity of the illness, lifestyle change, income and work can be depressing. If it lasts more than two weeks, it is important to seek treatment with the doctor. Not only the patient but also the family can suffer from anxiety and depression. They also need to consult a doctor.

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