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Causes of back pain?

Causes of back pain?

Causes of back pain

All of us have back pain and go away. But 30 to 40 percent of people suffer from back pain ... but not enough. Today is not yesterday… It is a proud disease described in Ayurvedic texts about the different types, causes and treatments of back pain over 2,000 years ago! There are many causes of back pain, such as improper sitting, excessive workload, lack of old age, and continuing to do the same work! Common causes of back pain: Infections in the spine due to infectious germs, injuries, and tumors. Lifestyle, body condition, or stress. Why does man have back pain now? There are 4 main reasons for this. These are all related to the modern lifestyle. We used to use the machines for many jobs. So our physical activity is greatly reduced. Due to improper use of the spinal ligaments, our ligaments become weak. We tend to give the wrong tendons more work due to improper standing, sitting or sleeping. Physical damage caused by sudden exercise Excessive stress How can stress cause damage to the spine? Emotional tension is  caused by anxiety, anxiety, anxiety, fear, anger, and fatigue. At that point the tendons in our spine and neck are quickening. 

When those ligaments are quickened, the pressure on the spine increases. Reduced blood flow by more tightened tendons. This causes the tendons to contract abnormally. This causes further damage to the spinal cord and soft tissues. Such ligaments continue to cause more damage as they tighten. The tightness of these muscle fibers can sometimes last for days and months depending on the stress they cause. When they are relieved of stress, the muscles tighten up a little. But the damage to the spine can be permanent and cause pain. . What methods can prevent back pain? Proper standing, sitting and lying down. Subsequent Exercises Properly Managing Stress When The Sickness Is Severe ..! Rest the aching area. It is only then that the injury to the tissues or bone will heal. Pain relievers at the time, relaxing muscles, analogues and relaxation will help you relieve the pain. How Does Yoga Help for Back Pain? There is no separate treatment for each element in yoga. But when you practice yoga for inner growth, you naturally get better. Yoga is not a gym. But, as with yoga, it is essential that the body, mind and breath are in sync. Yoga increases body strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. And yoga provides relaxation to the mind and stabilizes the body. Yoga asanas strengthen the spine and increase the flexibility of stretching the muscle fibers. Breathing and relaxation, which is a part of yoga, reduces tension and prevents the ligaments from moving too quickly. 

Some activities like Shakti sedation can help the spinal cord and relieve pain! In the spinal neuroscience, the brain is seen as an important organ and a sub-brain of the spinal cord. But in yoga we always see the backbone and the brain as the flower of that tree. The movement of your mind and emotions depends on how you care for the spine. Depending on the movement of the mind, your brain capacity. Much emphasis has been placed on the spiritual backbone. If you want to take your experience beyond the confines of your pale body, you can, in your experience, feel the backbone of this whole universe. In yoga we see the backbone as the ladder to becoming divine. Unfortunately, medical science does not give the importance of yoga to the spine. The evolution of the brain began to take place only after the development of the spine. One important step in the evolution of life is the transformation of the invertebrate organism into a vertebrate organism. The next big step is the vertical position of the spine. The brain develops only after the spine has become straight. Whatever you do next to a mango tree, you are not going to get mangoes. You must nourish the root of the tree. If you take good care of the root, you will get the fruit anyway. If you activate the base of the spine, the brain's ability to function more slowly. The most important thing is to take care of the bottom of your spine. If you continue to operate, the spinal cord is nourished. When you are not using your body properly your spine becomes quicker. The bottom of your spine starts to work well when sitting on the floor. Some tips on back pain! Always stand with your two feet equal to your body weight. If one leg is overweight, our neck and back may be affected and may cause pain in the spine. Do not stand for long periods on uneven ground. Make sure that there is little space for both feet when standing. Wear sandals that fit well. Things to consider when using pockets… carry items in pockets so that the weight of the goods on both sides is equal. You can carry two to three times more than you can carry more goods at once. Avoid carrying overweight bags on one shoulder If you are using a single bag, make sure the menu is wide. What you should consider when sitting… Sit upright with your back straight. Don't sit idly by. Your head, shoulders and hips should be in the same line. Your feet should be well positioned on the floor or on the floor. Avoid very high chairs and sit upright if it is an inclined chair. Things to consider when lifting weights… Too much or too much… Never sleep with an object in the morning. When lifting something, always flex your knees. Keep the object close to your body. In doing so, the large ligaments of your feet take on the weight of the work. The small ligaments of the spine do not suffer!

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