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Everything You Need To Know About Crusher Plant.

Everything you need to know about Crusher Plant

A Crushing plant is one-stop crushing installation, which can be used for rock crushing and other similar operations. Crushing plants may be either fixed or mobile.

Crushing plants make use of a large range of equipment, such as a pre-screener, loading conveyor, intake hopper, crushing unit, such as jaw crushers and cone crusher etc..

Everything you need to know about Crusher Plant

Crusher Plant operation:

ØNo one should operate the plant except the authorized plant operator.

ØThe plant shall be operated, only if all safety devices (interlocks, guards, emergency stop) are in place and operational.

ØAll personnel working in the plant area should wear appropriate PPE’s.

While loading of hoppers / Feeder bin, personnel should stay away from the loading area.
ØPlant operator shall check the plant at least once a day for visual defects such as leaks, worn hoses or loose parts. If any deviations found, necessary rectifications shall be carried out immediately before starting the plant.

ØPlants should be inspected by a competent person at periodical intervals.

ØAll rotating parts (Head pulley, tail pulley) should be properly guarded.

ØBefore starting of plants, siren should be given to alarm persons to keep clear off the plant area.

ØMaintain good housekeeping, the floor should free from oil, grease, rags, cables, rocks / boulders and other hazardous materials.

ØPlant operator / employees should free from intake of medicines, tranquilizers or other drugs which makes sleepy or less alert.
ØCheck electrical equipments / wiring and earthing regularly.

ØDon’t allow anyone to stand near to the crushing plant while plant in operation.

ØAvoid wearing loose clothes, wrist watches and rings.

ØDon’t use conveyor belt as walkways, crusher should be provided with walkways alongside of the conveyor.

ØProvide dust barriers and water sprinkling system for settling the dust

Maintenance of Crusher Plant operation:

ØOnly authorized personnel shall be allowed to carry out any repair and maintenance work.

ØLock Out / Tag Out system must be ensured while maintenance of plant.

ØDisconnect all the electrical power supply and display caution / danger board on operating panel board and operator cabin door before starting the maintenance work.

ØOperator cabin should be locked and the key should be with the authorized person who is carry the maintenance work.

ØAll handles, steps, guard rails, platforms, ladders etc. shall be free from dirt, oil and any other slippery material.

ØDouble lanyard safety harness and other suitable protection system shall be used against persons falling down while carrying out maintenance work above 1.8 m height.

ØAfter completion of the maintenance work it shall be ensured that the following points are satisfied:

ØPlant is clear of all the men doing the job.

ØALL tools and tackles are removed

ØWhole of the area is cleared and equipment is fit for operation.

ØIf all the above points are checked and found satisfactory , the equipment shall be energized and normal operation shall be started.

ØNever carry out any repair and maintenance while plant is running.

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