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How to reduce the Belly?

How to reduce the Belly?

How to reduce the Belly

Our Vinayaka age is 36. Luxury work in a private company, his name or his name, is a must-see for the lover of the language. "Vinayaka! Late Eating Desire? Sweet Briar, however, does not have a case of crashing rodents; Central body obesity is not just a cosmetic problem, but the unwanted cholesterol of your gut, can be a furnace to your heart. The office will leave at 9 am after a six-hour alarm, a 15-minute snooze, and the wife's good-word humor. Even though the office is on the first floor, "Soyyang" is an elevator worker! Yesterday, he suffered a sudden fainting and heart palpitations, and a doctor who went to the doctor to get a life sentence! Yes! “Very Sari Vinayak Sir! 320 milligrams, high cholesterol, fasting sugar 218 milligrams. There is no other way ... Life Long Medicines Take More, But No Mouth, Reduced Body, Hard For Heart. ” Yes, my fellow average citizens! Central obesity is not just a cosmetic problem, but the unwanted cholesterol of your gut, can also be applied to your heart. Why the belly? The body is also a machine. 

You need fuel to run the engine. In order for the body to function, food needs to be burned (digested). Calories from a large amount of food are stored in the body as fat. It joins the belly of the males and the pelvis and the thoracic region (the back) for females. This is a defensive feature of the body that can be used to burn fat in the absence of food. But today, eating habits and decadent physical labor, which have been abandoned by advertising / business forces, have transformed the modern Indians. Studies have shown that our country is more prone to bend than any other country in the gene lineage. Toppaiya? Garbage? If you think of garbage as something that is not needed, is the hat a trash? You can even walk away from the trash. But what if the cap can be left alone? These are some of the trash we have in the belly: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease (heart attack to sudden death), improper menstrual cycle, pregnancy complication, psychological inferiority, depression. For this one is a lifetime The amount of money spent is individual and loss of income of the country. Tirvenna? Social attitude: Obesity is not just a physical illness. This is because 2 out of 3 deaths worldwide are due to non-communicable disease such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Obesity is an important factor for all of them. Half of our people have no choice but to eat; So that's the problem. Even though there is food for reparations, what, how, and how much The problem is that the questions to be asked are not answered correctly. The main reason for the situation is the international food market that has quietly beckoned us and the demand for that trade. 

Our children, who grew up eating a lot of pulp and molasses, nowadays call junk food, chips, bakery, kola drink, noodles. Addicted and rolling like potatoes, they thrive. “We only have hunger! White rice only during the festival! We have an anime size! Fasting! We didn't know what kind of einks were! We worked together! Our children ran, played and sang! ” Because we lose all of this fast, the burden of non-communicable diseases becomes unbearable. In India, 1 in 6 males and 1 in 5 females are in Kundai. 17% of developing children are overweight. So seeing the physical manifestations of our soil as a manifestation of our cultural decay, rather than merely treating the disease, will lead to a permanent solution. Despite modern methods, clinicians acknowledge that there is no success in treating obesity. In the Siddha and Ayurvedic systems, treatments that reduce appetite and eliminate unwanted water have had some success. Biological and dietary changes are the first to treat.

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