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How to Stop Smoking?

How to Stop Smoking?
How to Stop Smoking

How does smoking affect the lungs? Smoking disrupts the natural respiratory processes in the lungs, causing germs, toxins and waste products to remain in the lungs without being eliminated. This results in persistent coughing, lung cancer and chronic lung damage. Smoking damages small air sacs in the lungs and affects their enlargement. This causes the lungs to take in oxygen and exhale carbonate oxide. When the heart is too busy to support it, it suffers. Mentally, the fear, tension, anger, imbalance, and inability of the smoker becomes the nature of smoking. Smoking works to stimulate the whole nervous system. But, no matter how healthy a person's nervous system is, his old age can be a problem. 

Why do teens get into this habit? According to one study, more than 70% of people start smoking because of their friends' motivation and their refusal to coerce. Many people think that light cigarettes, prepared by themselves, or filtered cigarettes, are not toxic. That is wrong. They breathe in all the toxins, just like the others. Some signs that a smoker's lungs are affected are: Frequent coughing is accompanied by coughing. If you have them, contact your nearest doctor immediately. Don't be indifferent. Second Hand Smoking Two-thirds of people smoke when they smoke, which can be very damaging to those who breathe nearby. . They also have all sorts of physical hazards to smokers. When smoking third-hand smoking, the bag and its chemicals stay in the person's cough, skin, and curtains around him, sofa, cushion, bed, pillow. Every time you breathe in that situation, the ingredients go into the body and give you health. Children are the main victims of this. How to Stop Smoking Damage to children by smoking: pus and hearing loss. Respiratory disorders. Coughing, wheezing, asthma. Various ailments in the lungs. 

The brain is not working at full capacity. Pregnant women should be in a predominant situation. 90 million people die in India annually due to smoking .How do we protect ourselves from smoking without smoking? Do not allow anyone to smoke at home, in the car or anywhere that is closed. Keep your baby out of the place where the smoke is high. When going to restaurants, choose a non-smoking area. If you want the smell of smoke when you smoke or open the window; But note that its chemicals continue to spill over into the chamber's contents. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking in closed areas and in crowded areas. Mainly baby, and do not smoke near pregnant women!

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