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How to Win Big in the Excavation Hazards Industry

How to win big in the Excavation Hazards industry

Excavation in construction is an operation in which earth, rock, or other material in or on the ground is moved or otherwise displaced by means of tools, equipment, or explosives, and includes earthwork, trenching, tunneling and underground work.

How to win big in the Excavation Hazards industry

The common hazards associated with excavation are:
Ø  Contact with underground utilities
Ø  Soil collapse
Ø  Fall of materials
Ø  Vehicle movement
Ø  Nearby structures
Ø  Access / Egress to the excavation
Ø  Contact with overhead power lines
Ø  Atmosphere hazards

Safety precautions to be taken prior to excavation:

Ø  Prior to excavation , the identified excavation location must be examined for the availability of underground utilities (such as water pipelines electrical conduit systems, and other civil facilities). In case of availability , the utility services must be isolated before excavation.

Ø  Use insulated tools for manual excavation to avoid contact with electrical utilities.

Safety precautions to be taken during excavation:

Ø  Sloping or benching must be provided to avoid collision of soil. Whenever sloping / benching is not possible shoring to be done.

Ø  Provide cautions boards & Traffic control signs near excavations.

Safety precautions to be taken after excavation:

Ø  Proper access (stairs, ladders or ramps) to be provided where workers are required to enter / exit the excavated area.

Ø  Hard barricading must be provided to avoid fall of person / vehicles.

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