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Is drinking coffee good?

Is drinking coffee good?

Is drinking coffee good

Coffee keeps you awake, energized and agitated, and if you only drink coffee once a month, you will be surprised and wonder. You may even feel like something heroic Abhimanyu. But if you drink it day by day, you will become dependent on it. Even if your fears and anxieties seem to have dissipated once you drink coffee, your body may begin to feel that you need a little more coffee. Suppose you set aside a couple of months without drinking coffee. You can feel your hands trembling if suddenly you wake up one morning and drink good coffee with a coffee and too much decoction. This is exactly what you have been drinking for six months, and suddenly you try to stop drinking for a day. 

Is that definitely something coffee affects you in some way? Then you may ask if I should stop drinking coffee. You have to decide what you want and what not. When you live here, the only thing is that you are not addicted to anything. Instead, learn to live with awareness. Learn to live with an awareness of it, whether it's coffee or why it's God. Only you can decide how much you want each one. But you have to understand one thing, if you use the triggers to some extent, you have to pay the price. "so what…? Life is a short time. If you say, "I'm going to be 70, I don't live up to 90 years." But this is not a drink to be forcibly consumed. Do you like the taste of it, and drink a large mug a day. Stick to its flavor. It's okay to drink a day. But if you are forced to drink all day, it is a big problem. If you can't get a day's coffee and you can't get past it, you should definitely fix the problem. Do you have a glass of coffee on the go? Whatever you do, do it with complete clarity of your choice. Do not be forced or ignorant of something. Even if you are going to welcome your death, do it with full vigilance and with a clear sense of what you are doing.

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