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Treatments for cancer:

Treatments for cancer

Treatments for cancer

Treatment varies depending on the location of the tumor, the extent of the disease, the age and the patient's condition. The doctor will treat one or two of the following: Treatment is essential to cure the disease and improve the quality of life. Surgery: This is done to remove the tumor. Radiotherapy: In this treatment, cancer cells are killed by powerful radiation. Chemotherapy: Treated with drugs. Endocrine Glands Treatment: Prevents cancer cells from developing with endocrine glands. Recently, obesity has been identified as one of the major risk factors for cancer. Yoga exercises help prevent obesity. Yoga exercises improve sleep. You can easily sleep more without the help of a sleeping pill. The body is easily able to prevent fatigue. In addition to yoga exercises, walking, swimming and playing are also helpful. Every cell in your body is created to keep you healthy. Yet the number of people with cancer is constantly increasing. Because of the many factors, such as environmental damage, chemical impacts, and consuming food, the main reason is that unhappy humans continue to increase. When men's happiness is lost, their bodies also become unhappy. So for some reason, some of the cells in their body also lose happiness. Then their cells begin to work against them. But why should this body work against itself? This body sees you always working against you, with the experience you have with it. So it follows the same style and works against itself. It is this action of cells that you call cancer. So it is necessary to revive it.

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